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Jona S. Lemmonds

Founder of Launch Your Wealth International

Podcast Host & Keynote Speaker

Multi-Awarded Professional and Entrepreneur

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Wealth. Entrepreneurship. Evolution. And Beyond.

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Visionaries Award 2023

Launch Your Wealth

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Professional Women Panel Discussion:

Making a Difference as Women in Leadership

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Launch Your Wealth’s Vision + Mission

Educating and Investing

to Build the Future of Generations.

Empowering individuals and businesses with knowledge and partnerships

to build wealth, create equitable opportunities and resources to enrich a life by design.

“Navigate life with Confidence”


Launch Your Wealth’s Core Partners

We are dedicated to empowering individuals like you with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in the world of entrepreneurship, business development, and wealth building. Our mission is centered on promoting financial literacy, strategic planning, real estate investments, and providing access to experienced professionals who can guide you on your journey to success.

And we understand the challenges and complexities that come with scaling a business or building a robust investment portfolio. That's why we've curated a platform that offers unparalleled insights, resources, and advisory to help you navigate these paths with confidence and clarity.

Global Market Expansion

International Business

Real Estate & Property Investments

Impact Leadership Network

About the Founder

An entrepreneurial spirit and a professional, with 25 years + of experience. She launched her career in the banking and financial industry in 1997 while pursuing small business ventures,

and years into raising a young family. Then, she followed pursuit and entered the real estate services and investment industry in 2004. Her educational background was in Business & Tourism

and Business Management, Organizational Behavior that played a big part when she decided to go beyond the boundaries with a vision for people, and how they can design the life, wealth and success they are dreaming of. She is a strong believer in educating and investing to build the future.

A Family Life

She is curating empowerment to inspire and help more women access equity and economic growth in their personal lives,

career & profession, business and entrepreneurship; more importantly, in their homes, with their loved ones, and for their children, the next generation to create more possibilities so they can achieve a “life, wealth and success by design”.

Jona is a multi awarded professional, a serial entrepreneur, and a venture builder. She started her business with from ground zero, and the rest is history. Today, she is focused on both local and international ventures working alongside partnerships specializing in consulting, global market expansion, investments and real estate. She is committed to create a space for self-education & financial literacy, promote leadership in business, and be a guide to entrepreneurs to be able to build and launch into their million dollar mark.

Her personal hobbies and interests are writing, reading business and personal development books, good coffee, food tasting different cuisines, health & wellness, and spending quiet time

or travel adventures like road trips or local spots with her family.

Building a Legacy

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“Creating More Possibilities”

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